Nosework Next Steps

Next Available Course
Starting Friday November – date tbc, 7.30pm
Venue: St Aidens Church Hall, Maungaraki
Cost: $120 inc GST
The intermediary class between Introductions and our ongoing Advanced group who meet weekly. Next Steps takes the teams who have started some nosework skills – either with us or elsewhere and adds more challenges as they move to a confident “Odour Only” alert response. Over 3 sessions we introduce all the elements encountered in “real-life” detection work including exteriors, interiors and vehicles while improving each team’s ability to solve the searching problems they are set.

Nosework Advanced Session

Thursdays from 7.30-9pm

Regular Venue: St Aidans Church, Cnr Poto Rd and Stratton Street, Normandale
Cost: $30 per session

This ongoing and socially supportive group meets weekly. Conquer new challenges with outdoor, vehicle and more advanced searches. Ideal for those considering entering  actual Nosework Trials or wanting to extend their Introductory training into more “real-life” challenges. Completion of Nosework Introductions or equivalent scent work with another organisation experience a pre-requisite.

Nosework Next Steps

Next Available Courses
Commences Friday 9 June at 7.30pm
Three-week course held 9, 16 and 30 June

Continue developing your dog’s unique sense of smell and their skills at identifying and alerting on a special odour wherever it might be placed. Further develop your teamwork and handling skills in this new sport. This course will be specifically for dogs who have already completed a Nosework introductory course and understand the basic principles. Dogs with “issues,” or physical disabilities are welcome as each dog works with the handler alone and need not be comfortable in group situations. Nosework Next Steps is a three-week class ( 90 minutes sessions) and expands the odour recognition work begun in earlier Nosework classes to other environment and scenarios. Graduatesd are then invited to join the ongoing Advanced Nosework sessions on Thursday evenings. .

Nosework Introductions

Next Available Course
Starting – Monday 8 April, 7.30pm.
Venue: St Aidan’s Church Hall, Normandale
Cost: $180
Does your dog follow its nose? Tap into your dog’s unique sense of smell and have fun teaching them Detection Dogs skills, but in a pet-focused context. This class is suitable for ALL dogs of any age – even those with “issues,” or physical disabilities. Each handler and dog work alone and so need not be comfortable in group situations. This Introductory course runs over four weeks with an opportunity to continue into more advanced training by following on into a Next Steps course and then joining our Advanced Nosework group on Thursday evenings thereafter. Enrol Here