Training Options

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Our puppy and dog training classes are designed to meet the real-life needs of the family dog at every stage of their development, from the young puppy through to the mature adult. Whether you want to master the basics or get that more reliable obedient response under distraction, with over 30 years professional and qualified dog training experience, A.C.E. Dog Training in Wellington are the people to see.

Smaller group sizes at our indoor weekend training venue allow individual attention, without weather constraints, offering a more positive training experience for both people and dogs. Individual training options are flexible to fit into time or travel constraints. Get training tips on toilet training, crate training, socialisation, dog barking, aggression, reliable recalls, meeting-and-greeting manners and all the basic pet dog training obedience skills.

We encourage the whole household to attend, and design our classes for other family members to be involved in the training activities if they wish. Please note that children under 7 years of age may require an additional adult present to supervise them during class.

Puppy Training Classes


Puppy Preschool

Courses start fortnightly on Saturdays and alternate with afternoon time slots 
This 4-week course is held at our  Brooklyn venue
Cost: $146
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A four-week group class for the younger puppy offering age-specific training and qualified development advice. Get the best start for socialisation, training and information on key puppy raising topics. Ideal for all puppies up to 14 weeks of age at class start. We follow the modern positive approach to puppy raising, maintain low student:teacher ratios provide comprehensive support materials and ensure social experiences are well-managed for a better value learning experience. We encourage family or household participation.
Please note that we do not require puppies to be fully vaccinated to start this class but we do need to see proof that they have begun vaccinations and ask them to be carried into the building.

PuppySits in Kitchen

Puppy visits

Next Available Course
As arranged. Time slots available Monday-Friday.
Cost: $80 per 1 hour session at your home.
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An opportunity to tailor the basics of a good puppy upbringing to your own situation. Home-based advice on housetraining, chewing, nipping and biting, play and early training. Perfect for the new puppy owner to iron out any specific questions, to help younger family members to be involved, get early training underway, or as part of the preparation before your new pup has actually arrived.

Puppy Primer

Puppy Primer

Next Available Courses:
Saturday 27 February, 12.30pm then 9.30am, 11am or 12.30 thereafter.
First class via Zoom, then remainder live at our Brooklyn venue
Cost: $165 for the five week course.

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A five-week group class for the older puppy offering age-specific training and qualified development advice. Positive socialisation experiences with people and other pups.  Introduces loose lead walking, recalls, wait and stay, basic commands and how to manage off-lead interaction for your rapidly growing puppy.  Class size limited for more individual attention and ideal for puppies up to 6 months of age at class start. Family involvement encouraged. A practical and positive solution to start your puppy’s education, help with housetraining, common puppy problems and early training skills.

Puppies exploring new toys at Puppy Playcentre

Puppy Playcentre Experience

Sessions Available:
Every Friday at 4.30pm until Easter
Onsite at our Brooklyn venue
Cost: $30 per session
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A targeted social experience for you and your puppy to explore together. Sessions of 45-minute duration held weekly. You and your puppy will alternate between exploring social or environmental experiences with puppy appropriate equipment and interacting with other puppies who are also attending at the same time. We aim to expand your pup’s social skills and confidence in small, managed pairs or groups and positive play experiences. Less structured than our regular classes these sessions help develop confident socially balanced puppies ready to interact with the wider world

Dog Training Classes


Recall Redux

Next Available Course: 
Saturday 13 March, 4.30pm
Cost: $140
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A specialist class for any age of dog over 3 intensive sessions. Build a more reliable recall or “come quickly when called” off-lead –  for in the park or on the beach. Includes an off-site practice session at a local park. Dogs attending must be both people friendly and socially comfortable around other dogs, as this class involves considerable off-lead activities.

Copy of BuzzJumpFreestyle

Tricks Training Taster

Next Available Course:
Thursday 26 November 2020, 4.30 pm
Cost: $140
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Introducing a wide range of tricks from the very simple to the quite complex, with an emphasis on fun and learning techniques suitable for handlers of all ages. Surprise your family and wow your friends with all the cool things your dog can now do. A special three-week intensive class covering up to a dozen different tricks and trick ideas in each 90-minute session.
Important – student dogs should be socially reliable as most of the class is taught while off-lead.

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Teen Training

Next Available Course
Starts Sunday 28 February, 12pm then 11am or 12.30pm streams thereafter
Standard Cost: $165
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The best choice for young adolescent dogs aged 6-9 months ready to start learning about focus and control. An activity focused class builds on-lead skills, close control, preparing for good meeting and greeting manners and building handling confidence. The ideal option for “selective deafness” which teenage dogs often develop.  Family involvement encouraged. Price includes weekly handouts and certificate of completion.


Adult ABC’s

Next Available Course
Starts Sunday 28 February 2021, 2.30pm then 3.30 pm thereafter
Week 1 via Zoom then live classes at our Brooklyn venue
Standard Cost: $180
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A basic training starter course for dogs around 12 months and over – who may not have previously attended formal training. Also ideal for recently adopted dogs adjusting to a new home environment or perhaps those with special needs in a group situation. Covers all the basic pet dog skills like loose lead walking, recall, close control skills, and stay with more age-appropriate activities for the adult dog. Class size is limited for individualized attention.  Discounts for SPCA adoptees and existing A.C.E. students. A practical and positive solution to start, or review your dog’s basic education. Family involvement encouraged. Price includes weekly handouts and certificate of completion.

Advanced Companion

Advanced Companion

Next Available Course
Sunday, 22nd November 2020, 5.00pm.
Cost: $150/$180
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The next step in training with your dog. Strengthens control under distraction, adds more complex handling techniques and builds recall and stay reliability. Graduates receive the certificate recognised by Wellington City Council Animal Control Services for RDO registration discount applications. A five week course limited in size for maximum value and individualised attention from our highly experienced instructors. Additional charge applies to non-A.C.E. students who require an assessment and approval before joining us at this level.

Feisty Fido in action

Fiesty Fido Class

Next Course commencing Sunday 14 February 2021
Working Spot: $200 (Students with a dog participating in class),
Observer Spot: $80 (Observers attending without their dog present).

Venue: First session by Zoom 8.30am then Bell Rd Brooklyn 9-10am thereafter

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A specialized class for dogs who bark, lunge, and otherwise show aggression when on a lead around other dogs. This science-based class will help you calm your leash reactive dog and gives you the confidence to walk your dog in public again. With a high student-teacher ratio this class is limited to a maximum of four participant dogs and their families, with additional places available for auditors – people who attend as observers and can use the skills to practice at home with their own dogs. An application form is sent following registration to determine the best candidates for this highly successful positively-based class.
Each weekly one-hour session covers a range of useful and positively developed skills under experienced and qualified instructors with veterinary behaviour endorsement and ongoing support.


Novice team give alert on vehicle search at Trial

SSANZ NOVICE Nosework Trial

Next Trial Date
Monday 25 January 2021
Commences approximately 9am
Venue: Wests Rugby Clubrooms, Curtis Street, Wilton, WELLINGTON
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Cost $34.50 per dog inc gst
A.C.E. Dog Training Novice Nosework Trials require entrant teams (dog and handler) to find our key training odour (oil of clove bud) in four different scenarios – Container, Interior, Exterior and Vehicle. Each is within a specific time frame. Each dog requires a separate handler. Judges : Katrina Roebuck and Richard Magson. Run under the sanctioned rules of the Scent Sports Association of New Zealand. Entry acceptance priority is given to SSANZ members if entries exceed capacity – as per SSANZ regulations
Entries close Monday 19 January 2021………..


One-on-One Dog Training


Private Training Sessions

Next Available Course
As arranged, time slots available weekdays Monday to Friday
These sessions are also available online.
Cost: Pre-booked packages available, or $100-120 per individual session
Contact us direct to discuss your needs.We have a 4-5 week package to cover all the basics with you or can individually tailor puppy or older dog training to achieve the agreed goals. One-on-one sessions are focused into 45 minute blocks and can be pre-purchased at a package rate or arranged individually as you prefer for specific goals. The concentrated nature of one-on-one means we can accomplish much in a short time. Additional travel charges of 80c/km apply for locations outside Wellington City.



Take the Lead Training

Next Available Course
Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment
In Home
Cost: $75-90 per session
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Let the experts come to your home and train your dog for you. A better solution for training issues when you are too busy or struggle trying to make progress yourself. Take the Lead Training packages will kick start a better relationship – teaching your dog to walk nicely on a lead, come back when called, wait nicely while visitors arrive, or help work on problematic phobias, fears, or aggressive behaviour. Conducted weekly or over a condensed period to fit your needs. Package options include a handover session to pass on achievements, so you too enjoy the benefits of your dog’s new training skills.


PuppySits in Kitchen

Puppy visits

Next Available Course
As arranged. Time slots available Monday-Friday.
Cost: $80 per 1 hour session at your home.
Inquire Here
An opportunity to tailor the basics of a good puppy upbringing to your own situation. Home-based advice on housetraining, chewing, nipping and biting, play and early training. Perfect for the new puppy owner to iron out any specific questions, to help younger family members to be involved, get early training underway, or as part of the preparation before your new pup has actually arrived.

Pixie20161201recall running up cropped

Behaviour Consultations

Appointments Available
Mondays to Fridays.
Location: Consultations will now be held online.
Cost: Initial session charge $240. The first session is one hour, then two follow-up 30 minute online sessions. Additional travel charge may apply. Options and Packages available.
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Not all problems can be resolved with attending a group class. There are times when your dog’s issues would be best addressed by working with you and your dog alone, perhaps in your own home. An initial consultation with an experienced, qualified behavioural trainer is supported by written materials and tailored notes to help find a solution best fitted to your dog’s needs. Common issues we address by private consultation include house-soiling, destructive behaviour, barking, fence running, fearfulness and on-lead aggression to name just a few.

Nosework Classes

Nosework copy

Nosework Introductions

Next Available Course
Friday 29 January 7.30-9pm
 Four week course
Cost: $140
Enrol Here
Does your dog follow its nose? Tap into your dog’s unique sense of smell and have fun teaching them what custom’s dogs do but in a less formal context. This class suitable to all dogs – even those with “issues,” or physical disabilities as each dog works with the handler alone and need not be comfortable in group situations. This Introductory course runs over four weeks with an opportunity to build more advanced training by opting to repeat at this level or continue into our Next Steps level.

Working with nosework scentwheel

Nosework Next Steps

Next Available Courses
New To Next Steps – Register interest for 2021
Three week course
Enrol Here

Continue developing your dog’s unique sense of smell and their skills at identifying and alerting on a special odour where-ever it might be placed. Further develop your teamwork and handling skills in this new sport. This course will be specifically for dogs who have already completed a nosework introductory course and understand the basic principles. Dogs with “issues,” or physical disabilities are welcome as each dog works with the handler alone and need not be comfortable in group situations. Nosework-Next Steps is a three-week class ( 90 minutes sessions) and builds the odour recognition work begun in earlier Nosework classes.


Nosework Advanced Session

Thursdays from 7.30-9pm

Venue: 2 Bell Road Brooklyn
Cost: $30 per session

New challenges with outdoor, vehicle and more advanced searches. Ideal for those considering entering  Novice Nosework Trials or wanting to extend their training in more “real-life” challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for class?

All canine students attending A.C.E. Dog Training Classes at the Rongotai site must be up to date with vaccinations. A vaccination certificate or other proof of vaccination provided by your veterinarian will be noted on your form by a staff member prior to bringing your dog into class for the first time. This can be brought to the first session, or alternately a copy of the certificate can be scanned and submitted with your enrolment form.

How long are the classes?

Most group training sessions run for an hour. The specialty classes such as Tricks, Nosework and Recall Redux are a bit longer and may run for up to 90 minutes each session.

How do I enrol for the next A.C.E. Dog Training class?

Click on the link at the class you are interested in to direct to the online registration form. If you are not sure which class to enrol for then check the box requesting further information or contact us directly.

How do I pay?

Payment in advance is recommended and can be made online to A.C.E. Dog Training at 12-3223-0130439-00. Please put your dog’s name in the reference field. Alternatively, bring cash or cheque to the first class. Sorry, but we do not offer EFTPOS at this time.

Do you offer any discounts?

We actively support the work of the Wellington SPCA, and offer a 10% discount for recent adoptees on enrolment at their first class. We also have a 10% discount available for students who re-enrol within one calendar month of completing a previous level.

What do your dog training classes cover?

Standard group classes are age-specific, and geared to the needs of the average dog at each stage of their development. In puppy training classes, we teach the basics – sit, down, stand, stay, come when called and start loose-lead walking along with structured off-lead socialisation. Puppy classes offer heaps of additional content with training tips and advice on toilet training, house training, nipping, biting, chewing, jumping up, clicker training to name just a few. In the teen and adult dog training classes we briefly review these areas in case you missed the early start and then expand on loose lead walking, add heeling or close control and recalls under distraction, teach wait and stay, start on-lead meeting and greeting manners without jumping up, offer training advice on dog barking, destructive behaviour, safe travel, retrieving, grooming and much more. In addition to obedience training classes, there are specialty classes for the fun stuff such as Nosework skills (detector dog training with a fun flavour), dog Tricks Training, child handlers and our ever popular Recall Redux – to get that really reliable come when called. All sessions are supported by class handouts so that the skills learned can be reviewed later and progress is not interrupted if for some reason you are unable to attend a training class session.