Puppy Preschool

A.C.E. Dog Training offers several specific puppy class training options up to 6 months of age. These offer training tips on crate training, socialisation, chewing, jumping up and housetraining as well as a better start to puppy socialisation. For a better value, more positive training experience for your puppy in Wellington, click  on Puppy Preschool.

One-On-One Training

A.C.E. Dog Training offers 1 to 1 dog training at your convenience that can be custom based to suit your individual needs. Dog trainers come to you at your home and can even “take the lead” to teach your dog while you are at work. If a more flexible private dog or puppy training option or help with behaviour propbelms is what you need click on One on One Training.

Dog Training Classes

Using certified, qualified dog trainers in a safe and secure indoor venue our wide range of dog training classes offer quality pet dog obedience instruction for all levels of dog and handler. Not just for pet dog basics we also have advanced obedience, dog tricks training, nosework and recall classes where family involvement is always welcome. To see the range of dog training classes currently on offer click on Dog Training Classes.


Looking to do more with your dog? From one time events to ongoing Nosework and specialist tricks classes we offer a range of ideas and options. For more information and options available click on Events.