Puppy Preschool

A.C.E. Dog Training offers Puppy Preschool classes in association with Waglands Dog Daycare.  We offer training tips on chewing, jumping up and housetraining and all the other basics, as well as a better start to puppy socialisation. For a better value, more positive training experience for your puppy in Wellington, click  on  Puppy Preschool.

Puppy Classes

A.C.E. Dog Training now works in association with Central Allbreeds Dog Training School to offer age-appropriate training and safe socialisation opportunities for pups of all sizes and descriptions. For small class sizes and a family friendly positive class click on Puppy Class.

Nosework Classes

Drawing on years of experience in scent sport activity we can introduce you and your dog to the exciting world of nosework. Help your dog follow its nose and work with you in a fun relationship-building skill that is just like the custom dogs do – but with emphasis on pet dogs and their people.


From one-time competitive events to ongoing Nosework and specialist tricks classes we offer a range of ideas and options. For more information and options available click on Events.