Our Approach

Whether you need a Puppy Preschool or a more Advanced Companion, Jan Voss a certified Canine Behavioural Trainer and the Director of A.C.E. Dog Training Ltd is committed to running small, family friendly dog and puppy training classes.

A.C.E. Dog Training source the best resources for our students and use modern dog-friendly training methods based on sound scientific principles with common sense and 30 years professional experience to back these up. Our qualified instructors and small age focused classes provide a better more positive training experience for all.

Dog and puppy training courses are flexibly designed to meet the needs of our students – both canine and human and to be both fun and practical. From loose lead walking to meeting and greeting manners, better recalls to close heeling and control the obedience  training skills you and your dog learn can be practically applied in everyday life. Look forward to a happier relationship with your well-mannered positively socialised pet dog.

We also offer a range of specialty classes including Nosework to bring out the inner search dog in your pet and Tricks Training for  a bit of fun  to extend your dog’s training vocabulary and impress your friends

Enrol online or call us today to discuss how best we can help your and your dog – whether by teaching new skills or strengthening the ones you already have and making them more reliable. Private and day training options also available.

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About Jan

Jan Voss

Jan Voss started training dogs over 40 years ago when she began spending most afternoons and school holidays volunteering at the local SPCA or working at local boarding kennels as she was not allowed a dog of her own at home.

With an early career as a video editor and producer in non-broadcast television, dog training interests grew, strengthened and culminated in becoming a full-time professional dog trainer from 1999 when her first company K9 College-Wellington, a successful Puppy Preschool and dog training business was founded. K9 College-Wellington developed informative, modern and family oriented puppy pre-schools for three veterinary clinics while also running older puppy, adult, children’s and tricks training classes out of a local community hall.

Over the past 35 years Jan has worked with a range of organisations from local clubs to professional dog training schools. She has been an active committee member and instructor at numerous clubs across New Zealand and overseas – including the United States and Australia. She was also a founding member and served as event Co-ordinator for the Association Of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand. Committed to pet dog trainers and promoting responsible dog ownership Jan is a registered private trainer and current Secretary for the Eukanube Canine Good Citizen programme with the New Zealand Kennel Club. Jan Voss consolidates hands-on experience with formal qualifications – completing the Massey University Principles of Canine Behaviour in 1996, Certificate in Adult Learning from University of the South pacific in 1999 and Delta Society Australia Certificate of Companion Animal Services (CGC Dog Behavioural Trainer) in 2006. A true dog whisperer Jan is the only certified and formally qualified behavioural dog trainer currently active in Wellington, New Zealand.

By attending attending workshops and seminars from leading international dog trainers such as Dr Ian Dunbar, Dr Patricia Mc Connell, Terry Ryan, Sue Sternberg, Nicole Wilde and Pat Miller Jan takes the best the world has to offer and combines it with her own training style to provide the best in modern positive training techniques.

With her own dogs Jan has experience in a range of dog-related activities  including obedience, agility, tracking, nosework, search and rescue, gundog trialing, confirmation showing, Canine Good Citizen, canine freestyle, rally obedience and dog wrangling for stage shows. This truly gives credence to the byline that A.C.E. stands for All Canine Education. A wealth of practical and theoretical experience to draw on, developing classes and personalised dog training programmes of a high quality, practical, highly successful nature and employing sound, scientifically based modern training techniques for a more positive training experience for all.

Wellington SPCA

Jan supports the work of the SPCA in Wellington, providing weekly professional temperament testing expertise and free adoptee assistance visits on request. Staff of A.C.E. Dog Training regularly assist with environmental enrichment and training of dogs awaiting adoption at their Newtown shelter and conduct classes for other volunteers wanting to improve their dog handling skills.


Blackdog Wear

A.C.E. Dog Training Ltd is the Wellington distributor for quality dog training treat pouches, collars, leads, harnesses, head halters and other gear from Black Dog Wear Australia. Available to purchase at A.C.E Training Classes. In addition to products held in stock special orders can be arranged.


ADPT New Zealand

Jan Voss is a full and founding member of the Association Of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand, established 2009. This is a national organisation dedicated to improving trainer education and professional expertise with dog-friendly training techniques.