Behaviour Consultations

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Appointments Available
Mondays to Fridays.
Location: Consultations will now be held online.
Cost: Initial session charge $240. The first session is one hour, then two follow-up 30 minute online sessions. Additional travel charge may apply. Options and Packages available.
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Not all problems can be resolved with attending a group class. There are times when your dog’s issues would be best addressed by working with you and your dog alone, perhaps in your own home. An initial consultation with an experienced, qualified behavioural trainer is supported by written materials and tailored notes to help find a solution best fitted to your dog’s needs. Common issues we address by private consultation include house-soiling, destructive behaviour, barking, fence running, fearfulness and on-lead aggression to name just a few.

Puppy visits

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Next Available Course
As arranged. Time slots available Monday-Friday.
Cost: $80 per 1 hour session at your home.
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An opportunity to tailor the basics of a good puppy upbringing to your own situation. Home-based advice on housetraining, chewing, nipping and biting, play and early training. Perfect for the new puppy owner to iron out any specific questions, to help younger family members to be involved, get early training underway, or as part of the preparation before your new pup has actually arrived.