Nosework exterior search in action
Next Trial Date
Monday 20 January 2020
Commences approximately 8.30am
Venue: Western Suburbs Rugby Football Clubrooms, Ian Galloway Park, Curtis Street, Wilton.
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Cost $30 per dog Novice Trial. $12.50 ORT
A.C.E. Dog Training Novice Nosework Trials will require entrant teams (dog and handler) to find our key training odour (oil of clove bud) in four different scenarios – Container, Interior, Exterior and Vehicle. Each is within a specific time frame. Note that each dog requires a separate handler.  Note this trial will be run under the sanctioned rules of the Scent Sports Association of New Zealand. A ballot will be drawn if entries exceed capacity for the judging schedule, as per the SSANZ rules. There will also be an Odour Recognition Test (Container search for Sweet Birch). conducted in the afternoon for prior Novice qualified dogs. Cost$12.50
Entries close 12 Jaunary 2020