Nosework Next Steps

Next Available Courses
Advanced Group – Next start 8pm Friday 28 July 2017 (Special 4 week block)
Three weeks held at our weekend training venue: Unit 4, 60 Kingsford-Smith Street View Map
Fourth week only on Saturday 19 August at 4pm – venue BSRC Gym, Bell Road Brooklyn
Cost: Full four weeks $90, Friday sessions only $70, Saturday session only $20
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Continue developing your dog’s unique sense of smell and their skills at identifying and alerting on a special odour where-ever it might be placed. Further develop your teamwork and handling skills in this new sport. This course will be specifically for dogs who have already completed a nosework introductory course and understand the basic principles. Dogs with “issues,” or physical disabilities are welcome as each dog works with the handler alone and need not be comfortable in group situations. Nosework-Next Steps  is a three week class ( 90 minutes sessions) and builds the odour recognition work begun in earlier Nosework classes. This block has an extra week as a build-up to our upcoming trial.

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