Fiesty Fido Class

Feisty Fido in action

Next Course Sunday 2 August 9.30am then 10am thereafter
Working Spot: $220 (Students with a dog participating in class),
Observer Spot: $120 (Observers attending without their dog present).

Venue: First session by Zoom then Bell Rd Brooklyn

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A specialized class for dogs who bark, lunge, and otherwise show aggression when on a lead around other dogs. This science-based class will help you calm your leash reactive dog and gives you the confidence to walk your dog in public again. With a high student-teacher ratio this class is limited to a maximum of four participant dogs and their families, with additional places available for auditors – people who attend as observers and can use the skills to practice at home with their own dogs. An application form is sent following registration to determine the best candidates for this highly successful positively-based class.
Each weekly one-hour session covers a range of useful and positively developed skills under experienced and qualified instructors with veterinary behaviour endorsement and ongoing support.

Nosework Next Steps

Next Available Courses
New To Next Steps – Next start 8pm Friday 12 June 2020
Three week course
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Continue developing your dog’s unique sense of smell and their skills at identifying and alerting on a special odour where-ever it might be placed. Further develop your teamwork and handling skills in this new sport. This course will be specifically for dogs who have already completed a nosework introductory course and understand the basic principles. Dogs with “issues,” or physical disabilities are welcome as each dog works with the handler alone and need not be comfortable in group situations. Nosework-Next Steps is a three-week class ( 90 minutes sessions) and builds the odour recognition work begun in earlier Nosework classes.

Advanced Companion

Advanced Companion
Next Available Course
Saturday 28 June 2020, 5.00pm.
Cost: $150/$180
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The next step in training with your dog. Strengthens control under distraction, adds more complex handling techniques and builds recall and stay reliability. Graduates receive the certificate recognised by Wellington City Council Animal Control Services for RDO registration discount applications. A five week course limited in size for maximum value and individualised attention from our highly experienced instructors. Additional charge applies to non-A.C.E. students requiring assessment before joining this level.

Adult ABC’s

Next Available Course
Starts Sunday 28 June 2020, 12.30pm
Week 1 via Zoom then live classes at our Brooklyn venue
Cost: $165
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A basic training starter course for dogs around 12 months and over – who may not have previously attended formal training. Also ideal for recently adopted dogs adjusting to a new home environment or perhaps those with special needs in a group situation. Covers all the basic pet dog skills like loose lead walking, recall, close control skills, and stay with more age-appropriate activities for the adult dog. Class size is limited for individualized attention.  Discounts for SPCA adoptees and prior A.C.E. students. A practical and positive solution to start, or review your dog’s basic education. Family involvement encouraged. Price includes weekly handouts and certificate of completion.

Teen Training

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Next Available Course
Starts Sunday 28 June 2020, 1pm then 12pm or 1.30pm streams thereafter
Cost: $150
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The best choice for young adolescent dogs aged 6-9 months ready to start learning about focus and control. An activity focused class builds on-lead skills, close control, preparing for good meeting and greeting manners and building handling confidence. The ideal option for “selective deafness” which teenage dogs often develop. Class size is limited for individualized attention with sessions balancing demos and presentations with live interactive activities.  A practical and positive solution to continue your young dog’s education despite the current Covid-19 restrictions. Family involvement encouraged. Price includes weekly handouts and certificate of completion.